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About Cross Glebe Community Association


We are a local community association which provides support to the local residents of the Cross Glebe Ward of Coleraine. The association currently works out of two housing executive house directly across from and early years centre which places us in an ideal location to engage with the community on a local level. We do this by running activities such as mother and toddler groups, father and son activities, sports and one off events e.g. health and well – being workshops, Smoking Cessation Clinic, CGCA Football team, Mood Matters classes Walking Club and fun days for the residents. As a group we also helped lobby for our local community centre to be rebuilt to provide an up to date facility for the use of the local residents. As a charity we also provide educational opportunities for locals by providing training classes e.g. I.T. courses or IPad Training or directing to relevant training requests. We actively network with similar groups and exchange information and advice with them as well as working with local authorities such as housing executive, council, PSNI and schools. Trustees and local residents take part in fund raising and our community development worker applies for any additional funding needed through applications to various funding organisations.Our mission is to help as many people in our communities as possible. We can do this by the many donations and support that we get from the local communities and volunteers.